Laura Escobar - National Democratic Training Committee
 Laura Escobar headshot

Laura Escobar

Product Designer

As a designer, Laura aims to create digital products that impact people’s lives. She discovered design out of a personal frustration with non-functional furniture. She looked at what didn’t work and how she could improve it. In many ways, that’s how she still likes to approach design — identifying problems and creating functional solutions.

She holds a BFA in Acting from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University and after spending 10 years as an actress, she yearned for the type work that made a greater social impact. In UX Design she found the bridge that combined her curiosity of human emotion and behavior with her passion for problem solving.

In her spare time you can find her exploring new places, perfecting sourdough bread, or (along with her husband) trying to find ways to get her cat to like her.