Laura Hernandez - National Democratic Training Committee
 Laura Hernandez headshot

Laura Hernandez

Laura Hernandez is the National Partnerships and Program Director for Somos Votantes and Somos PAC. She works with our state teams and partners to drive forward our mission to empower hardworking Latinos in shaping the future of our democracy.

‍Laura's unwavering dedication to the advancement of Latinos, especially mujeres Latinas, has been a lifelong passion. She joins Somos after over a decade of experience working to build power for working families who are often shut out of the political process. Most recently she worked at SEIU Florida training and preparing a new generation of community organizers and labor leaders.

‍Laura was born in Medellín, Colombia and was raised in South Florida. She has a dog named Bruno and enjoys reality TV shows. She is inspired by the women in her life, their resilience, strength and determination.