Leann Knapp - National Democratic Training Committee
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Leann Knapp

Leann Knapp was raised in Colorado, and moved to Portland, Oregon to attend college. After graduating, she worked on her first political campaign, and later in the Oregon State Capitol as Chief of Staff to State Representative Teresa Alonso Leon in the only House District in the state home to a majority of people of color. It was there that she developed a strong passion for ensuring language access in progressive work. She then took on the role of Organizing Coordinator for the Fair Shot Coalition, a collection of 30+ labor and community groups across Oregon who set a policy agenda centered in racial, gender and economic justice. Leann now works at the Oregon Food Bank as the Uniting Oregon Organizer, working in rural communities to organize around ending the root causes of hunger.

Outside of her day job, Leann is deeply passionate about workers rights and supporting seniors. She also enjoys gardening and crafting with her partner, and spending time with their dog Eleanor Roosevelt.