Lucia Nuñez - National Democratic Training Committee
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Lucia Nuñez

Lucia Nuñez (loo-SEE-uh NOON-yez) most recently served as Deputy National Training Director for the Biden-Harris Coordinated Campaign and then for the 59th Presidential Inaugural Committee Day of Service team. Before joining the coordinated campaign, she led organizing teams on the Joe Biden campaign as a Deputy Organizing Director in Nevada, Texas, Florida, and the Southeast Pod. She directed the winning field programs of Eric Johnson for Dallas Mayor and Josh Harder for Congress, which helped flip the House in 2018. Her political journey began with Ami Bera's successful frontline congressional race and at Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies, a Black-owned polling firm that focuses on the minority and youth electorate. She graduated from Scripps College, and she's spent most of her life in Colorado and California.