Rep. Katie Porter - National Democratic Training Committee
 Rep. Katie Porter headshot

Rep. Katie Porter

United States Representative (CA-45) | NDTC Honorary Co-Chair

Rep. Katie Porter is no stranger to tackling corporate and special interest corruption. Prior to her historic run for office in 2018, where she flipped a long-time Republican district in southern California, she was a lawyer who specialized in consumer rights advocacy. In 2012, then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris appointed Porter to serve as an independent watchdog to work on behalf of working families cheated by big banks. She also served as California’s independent monitor in a nationwide $25 billion foreclosure settlement.

Elected to the House in 2018, she has fought to make corporations pay their fair share, promoted fair housing legislation, and advocated for Medicare for All. As a key member of the Progressive Caucus, Porter has been a champion of economic reform, and ending corruption in politics. Rep. Porter serves in leadership roles in both the Committee on Natural Resources as well as the Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Rep. Porter is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law. As the only single working mother of children in Congress, Rep. Porter knows better than anyone the dedication it takes to run for office and believes resources like the ones NDTC offers free of charge are essential to change in this country.