Rep. Lauren Underwood - National Democratic Training Committee
 Rep. Lauren Underwood headshot

Rep. Lauren Underwood

United States Representative (IL-14) | NDTC Honorary Co-Chair

Lauren Underwood, a lifelong resident of Naperville, IL, is an expert in healthcare policy and public health. Not only is Congresswoman Underwood the first millennial woman of color to represent her community in Congress, but she is also the youngest Black woman elected to Congress.

Before being elected in 2018, she helped communities prepare for and respond to public health emergencies as a Senior Advisor for the Department of Health and Human Services. She also worked to implement the Affordable Care Act by expanding access to Medicare, improving the quality of healthcare, and reforming private insurance. In Congress, she’s spearheaded legislation to lower the cost of insulin with the bipartisan Lower Insulin Costs Now Act.

In her two terms, she has championed transparency and accountability in government, particularly as it relates to healthcare. Rep. Underwood prioritizes candid communication with her community, hosting 25 town halls and 135 community meetings across the 14th District in her first term alone. She is a graduate from the University of Michigan as well as Johns Hopkins University. Lauren Underwood is a former learner with NDTC, and thus understands firsthand the importance of making campaign resources, especially in areas like fundraising, widely accessible.