Safanya Searcy - National Democratic Training Committee
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Safanya Searcy

SEIU | New Jersey

For the past 20 years, Safanya Searcy has dedicated her career to electing progressive champions for working people up and down the ballot. Currently, Safanya oversees SEIU’s National Member Political Programs. In this role, she partners with SEIU Local Unions on the implementation of the union's national political strategy in an effort to build long-term, sustainable political programs that connect issues important to members to the political fights necessary to win on the issues. Additionally, Safanya oversees SEIU's Member Candidate Pipeline work, which cultivates the interest, education, and preparation of SEIU members desiring to run for office. A prolific facilitator of numerous programs in the union and the community, Safanya is a strong voice for progressive issues, dedicating her life’s work to leading as an advocate in the fights for economic, social, and racial justice, civil and human rights, equity, and inclusion.