Sammi Brown - National Democratic Training Committee
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Sammi Brown

Sammi is a former West Virginia State Delegate and Union organizer. This past year, Sammi became a Commissioned Officer in West Virginia’s Air National Guard (following in the footsteps of her grandfathers, who both served our country). Raised in the Eastern Panhandle in a Union household, Sammi worked multiple jobs to pay her way through college and grad school. She organized some of the largest actions in the state on behalf of West Virginia’s working families and trains movement leaders across the country to carry on this work in their respective spaces. In 2018, she sought office on behalf of the community that raised her.

In total, she sponsored 100 pieces of legislation in her first term acting as a liaison for prominent job-creating and socially conscious projects. Sammi has been featured by the Public Leadership Institute, Netroots Nation, and the DNC while being named a Rising Star amongst the nation’s Progressive Leaders.