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Mail is running late, packages are piling up, and prescription drug orders are delayed. So, what’s really going on with the post office?

The new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a prominent donor to President Trump’s campaign, was appointed in May of 2020.

After his appointment, the US postal service has seen many problems, including:

  • its funding slashed
  • the removal of sorting machines and post boxes
  • postal workers have seen their hours reduced
  • postal workers have been denied overtime

Politicizing the Post Office

These new policies prompted allegations that the changes were made to politicize the post office, disenfranchise voters, and hinder vote-by-mail in November’s presidential election. After backlash, the postmaster general stated he will pause any additional changes to the postal service until after the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, many of the new, cost-cutting measures are still in place. Congress passed a bill to fully fund the US postal service ensuring its integrity through the election, but the bill is currently stalled in the Senate, and unlikely to pass.

Make Sure Your Vote is Counted

What can you do to make sure your vote-by-mail ballot is received on time and counted in November’s election?

Depending on your state’s absentee voting rules, there are a few things you can do to make sure your mail-in ballot arrives in time to be counted.

If your state allows you to vote-by-mail, and ballots are not automatically sent to registered voters, you will need to apply to vote-by-mail.

You can apply for your ballot online, or contact your state’s government by phone or email to request an application be mailed to your current address.

Your state will have a specific deadline for receiving your application, so it’s important to look at your state’s guidelines. The sooner your application is received, the sooner you will receive your mail-in ballot and avoid potential post office problems.

Take Our Vote In Advance Pledge and apply for your vote by mail absentee ballot right from the pledge.

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Mail in Your Ballot As Soon As You Can

Each state has different deadlines for when your ballot must be received by your board of elections. To ensure your ballot is mailed in time to be counted, mail your ballot as soon as possible. The sooner you mail it in, the more confident you can be you won’t miss deadlines despite ongoing post office problems.

Drop Off Your Mail-in Ballot at Your Polling Place

Some states allow voters to return mail-in ballots to their designated polling places or other designated areas like a dropbox.

Again, it’s important to understand your state’s rules about absentee voting and mail-in ballots. Make sure you do your research before choosing to drop off your mail-in ballot in person.

What If Your State Doesn’t Allow Vote-by-Mail?

Some states don’t allow vote-by-mail. But that’s ok, you can still make sure your voice is heard safely.

Vote Early. In-Person

If you are not allowed to vote by mail, most states have some form of early, in-person voting.

Make sure you are aware of the specific dates and times your state holds early, in-person voting. Voting early can sometimes mean smaller crowds and shorter wait times.

Take the Pledge to vote early HERE and share with your friends so everyone can have their voice heard.

Stay Safe

No matter how you choose to vote this year, two things matter most:

  1. That you vote!
  2. That you stay safe while voting!

Not all states allow universal mail-in-voting, and several states do not allow all registered voters to receive absentee ballots. If you can’t vote-by-mail, be safe and keep yourself healthy.

Pledge to Vote in Advance!

Make sure your family and friends are registered voters, have a plan to vote, and know the rules in your state for voting-by-mail and voting early, in person.

Take the Vote in Advance Pledge to pledge to vote early or vote-by-mail and encourage other Democratic voters to vote early to ensure votes are received and counted on time.

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