Relationship Building Over the Holidays

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First things first, let’s make sure everyone is up to speed. If you’ve missed one of the lessons below, they are a great way to prepare for the 30-Day challenge.

This time of year is filled with sending cards, eating way too much, and seeing family and friends that you rarely see any other time of year.

This is a great time to tell your friends and family that you’re running for office!

Having an in-person conversation is a great way to tell close friends and family.

That said, don’t discount that value of mentioning it in you or your family’s holiday cards. This a good way to start the conversation that will eventually lead to an ask of some kind. Your family may end up being your strongest set of supporters, and you’ll need to make sure that they’re on board with your run. You’ll be asking a lot of them over the next couple of months, it’s best to start building that relationship early on.

This holiday season, be sure to send a holiday card to everyone you may soon reach out to for support.

Let them know that you’re leaning towards running. By telling friends and family early, you will give them the chance to think about it. Then they will be your first batch of donors and volunteers when you officially announce!

Jacob is a Communications Associate for NDTC. Jacob was initially an intern for NDTC in 2016 before moving on to work for both a Chicago Alderman and an Illinois State Representative. After working in Parliament in the Republic of Ireland, Jacob joined NDTC in April of 2018. Jacob is a graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Political Science. Outside of politics, Jacob tries to forget the Chicago Cub's century of losing while enjoying their recent success.