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Template Tally and Check-In Sheet - Phone Banking and Canvassing


This resource is a part of NDTC’s Canvassing and Phone Banking Toolkits, which have sample documents that can be edited and adapted to a campaign. Add a shortcut to these toolkits to your Google Drive, or download all of these documents from the toolkit folders themselves. 

This tally & check-in sheet serves three purposes:

  1. It encourages volunteers to share feedback from their experience that might be helpful for the campaign to know.
  2. It asks volunteers to figure out how many calls they made or doors they knocked (the number of attempts) and the number of conversations they had (the number of contacts.) This makes it easy for the campaign to see contact rates at a glance.
  3. It asks volunteers to commit to another shift. Always make an effort to get every volunteer to commit to another shift.

To learn more about field tactics for voter contact and the contents of NDTC’s toolkits, take “The Fundamentals of Field Tactics.”



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