Time for Research

30-Day Challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Well, hello again!

By now, you’ve hopefully decided what office you’re going to run for (how exciting is that?!). And, you’ve figured out your “why”. If you haven’t had a chance to do so, click the links for more information! 

Now you have a bit more research to do.

In order to begin, you need to figure out who holds that office currently.

Are they a Democrat or a Republican?

How long have they held the seat?

Have they been challenged in the past, and if so, how close were the past races?

Next, figure out the election cycle for that office.

When are they up for reelection? Do you think you’d be able to run in the next one, or the one after that?

Lastly, figure out if any part of their job is public, and if so, find something that you can attend.

For example, school board and city council are common races, and both of those give you the opportunity to go watch them in action a few times!  This will help you become clear about the public aspect of the job, and will help you decide if it’s really right for you. If you are planning on running against an incumbent, perhaps you will be able to gain some insight as to how to run against them. Fill out this worksheet as you go to keep track of everything.

Good luck and happy researching! Next week, we’ll look at how to talk to your family and loved ones about running for office. 

Jacob is a Communications Associate for NDTC. Jacob was initially an intern for NDTC in 2016 before moving on to work for both a Chicago Alderman and an Illinois State Representative. After working in Parliament in the Republic of Ireland, Jacob joined NDTC in April of 2018. Jacob is a graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Political Science. Outside of politics, Jacob tries to forget the Chicago Cub's century of losing while enjoying their recent success.