Facebook has the largest user base of any social media site in the United States. With 2.7 billion monthly users worldwide, it’s safe to assume a large portion of your existing or potential supporters are on Facebook. Here are NDTC’s top 10 tips for using Facebook on your campaign.

  1. Mix up what you post! You don’t always have to use a photo. Polls, videos, and going live on Facebook are all great ways to engage your audience.
  2. Create visually interesting posts. Facebook’s algorithm is more likely to share multimedia posts (videos, photos, share graphics, and links) rather than plain text posts.
  3. Post on Facebook one to five times a day.
  4. Create posts that volunteers are more likely to share (such as photos of their most recent effort).
  5. Ask volunteers to share your posts from their personal accounts. People are more likely to engage with a page they don’t follow when they see a friend involved.
  6. Filter offensive words or phrases to keep them from appearing on your page.
  7. Foster an engaged community that enforces community norms for trolls.
  8. Engage with supporters by replying to or sharing their posts.
  9. As a last resort, use bans or blocks on users who cause an aggressively disruptive presence. You should avoid doing this as much as possible: You don’t want to earn your candidate a reputation for shutting down discourse.
  10. Know your audience. Knowing who your audience is and what they engage with will help you decide what posts you’ll create for the upcoming week, and what content or themes to focus on.

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