Each month, NDTC highlights one of our incredible trainers. This month, we are highlighting Jennifer Williams.

Meet Jennifer Williams

A proud Colorado native, Jennifer comes to the NDTC having worked on 25 campaigns and counting at every level of government. Since Jennifer found her love of community organizing volunteering on the 2012 Obama campaign in Fort Collins, Colorado, she can’t stop and won’t stop organizing.

Jennifer Williams is currently serving her second term as the Vice Chair of the Larimer County Democratic Party. In that role, she trains their local candidates to run for office and manages the county’s field program.

Jennifer thrives in training the next generation of community organizers. She is especially passionate about electing more women and people of color to office.

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How Did You Get Your Start in Politics?

After encouragement from my women’s studies professor, I started like so many others by volunteering for Barack Obama.

I will never forget the first voter I ever spoke with telling me that after being denied because of a preexisting condition, she was finally able to get the health care coverage she desperately needed due to the Affordable Care Act. Hearing people’s stories of how Barack Obama helped them, filled me with a sense of duty to work hard to elect more candidates that could create change that people could believe in.

What is Your Current Full-Time Position?

I’m the Vice Chair of the Larimer County Democratic Party.

Our county party has our own field organizing program that focuses on electing Democrats at the state and local level. After volunteering for Obama, I started as one of our Field Organizers and I am now the Field Director for our program.

I love the opportunity to be able to train the next generation of community organizers. I’m a firm believer in lift as you climb. Watching our Deputy Field Directors and Organizers grow in their skills gives me so much hope, pride, and fulfillment.

What is Your Favorite Part About Training with NDTC?

One of the reasons why I was so drawn to joining the NDTC team is because of their focus on training candidates for all levels of office. It is so important to encourage Democrats to run for every seat in every state and make sure to give our local candidates the tools they need to be successful.

My favorite part of training with NDTC is when we have the debrief at the end of a session. I love hearing what people were able to learn from our training and seeing their enthusiasm to go back home and put it into action. We are fortunate to always have such a passionate group of Democrats in every state we go to.

What is Your Advice to a Potential Candidate?

If you are going to run, give it absolutely everything you have and put your heart into it.

I want every candidate to be so confident on Election Day that win or lose, they left it all on the field. You never want to wake up the day after the election wishing you had done more.

Also, if you happen to be a woman considering running for office, just do it. I can guarantee you that a man less qualified than you are has already run for an office—like the presidency. You are qualified. It’s your time.

How Do You Practice Self-Care?

I enjoy going on long walks. It clears my head and reminds me how lucky I am to get to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful public lands. Making time to laugh with the people you love is another form of important self-care for me.

What’s One State You Want to Train In?

I definitely relate more to fellow swing states and I enjoy the challenge of a red state. Therefore, I hope to get to train in even more southern and western states.

What Are You Most Proud of in Your Career?

As different accomplishments run through my mind, I realize that the things I’m most proud of all circles back to the amazing women that I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside.

I have been so fortunate to have learned from the women that came before me and I am proud of recruiting more women into campaigns that I can pass those lessons along to. I have had the honor of working on women’s campaigns from the presidency to city council.

To go along with this, I am incredibly proud to have been the campaign manager for one of the most hardworking and genuine public servants I will ever know, Councilwoman Kristin Stephens. Whether they are my organizer, my boss, or my candidate, I am the proudest of working in a culture of women that support women.

Rapid Response

  1. Coffee or tea? Coffee
  2. Favorite TV show that’s currently on? American Horror Story
  3. Twitter or Instagram? Instagram is what I like to go to after I see what our Tweeter In Chief is up to.
  4. What are you currently reading? “Make Trouble” by Cecile Richards
  5. If you weren’t working in politics, what would you be doing? I would be teaching women’s studies.
  6. Biggest pet peeve? The Electoral College
  7. What is the theme song for your life? “Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown

NDTC is proud to have trainers like Jennifer Williams across the country.

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