What Office Are You Running For?

30-Day Challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Have you found your why?

If you haven’t completed the worksheet we provided last week, you can still access it here. If you want more information on finding your why, you can find that HERE.

If you have, set it aside in a folder (you’ll come back to it later).

What Office Are You Running For?

Now, while you’ve already made the decision to run, the decision of what office to run for exactly may still be looming.

To help work through this question, we urge you to think of the “problem” you are most fired up about.

If you’re struggling to nail down just one, refer to the worksheet and think about why you’re running at all.

Usually, within that, you can find a problematic policy that aligns. For example, if you’re running because you’re disappointed with the quality of your child’s education, education policy should be your focus.

Then, you go on to do a bit of research and figure out who, in your local or state government, solves that problem. For this example it is pretty simple: run for school board! But depending on the problem you identify as resonating with you, it may require a bit of digging to figure out who really has the most influence over it.

Once you find the office or offices which have the ability to fix your identified problem, verify that you meet the eligibility criteria to run for that office, and fill this worksheet out as you go.

Good luck and happy researching! Next week, we will take a look at gathering further data about the current officeholder and the office itself.

Jacob is a Communications Associate for NDTC. Jacob was initially an intern for NDTC in 2016 before moving on to work for both a Chicago Alderman and an Illinois State Representative. After working in Parliament in the Republic of Ireland, Jacob joined NDTC in April of 2018. Jacob is a graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Political Science. Outside of politics, Jacob tries to forget the Chicago Cub's century of losing while enjoying their recent success.