Political Campaign Staff Management Best Practices

Campaign Staff Management Best Practices

By Nancy Leeds
60 min
Management & Leadership

What You’ll Learn

  • Design onboarding plans that prepare staff for life on the campaign
  • Set up systems for workflow and personnel management
  • Troubleshoot common political campaign staff management challenges
  • Give staff the tools to successfully transition on to new opportunities after the campaign

Why This is Important

The most effective Campaign Managers and department directors know it takes purposeful, active staff management to set a team up for success. A campaign’s people are among its most valuable and limited resources. Create the conditions for staff to be productive, happy members of the campaign.

Key Resources

  • Campaign Staff Onboarding Plan Template
  • Meeting Agenda Templates

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Nancy Leeds


Nancy Leeds is a veteran political operative with over 15 years of experience. She has worked on Democratic campaigns everywhere from Minnesota to California to Arkansas. She is also the author of CampaignSick, a blog about best practices in electoral politics and campaign management. Nancy holds an MPA and Masters in Gender and Public Policy from Columbia University. She is an avid Washington Nationals baseball fan, baker, and seltzer-drinker. Although a proud New Yorker, she now lives in Washington, DC with her wonderful husband, Michael.