Running a Digital Organizing Program - National Democratic Training Committee

Running a Digital Organizing Program

By Joyce Rose-Harris
35 min

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify the components of a successful digital organizing program
  • How to use online platforms and tactics to connect with volunteers and voters
  • How to drive people from online actions to in-person activism

Why This is Important

Using digital organizing tools, tactics, and online platforms, reach and organize people to vote, volunteer, and spread the word about your campaign – from online to campaign headquarters.

Key Resources

  • Digital Organizing Guide

Related Trainings

  • Distributed Organizing (Coming Soon!) – Build a volunteer network that can organize independently
  • Field Tactics — Learn to talk to voters one-on-one and persuade them to support your campaign
  • Building Your Volunteer Team — Volunteers are the cornerstone of successful campaigns, and using them effectively is crucial

Joyce Rose-Harris


Joyce M. Rose-Harris is an experienced Digital Strategist for political and non-profit organizations. Most recently she was the Digital Organizing Director for the 2020 South Carolina Coordinated Campaign; and managed digital mobilization strategy & organizing as Digital Director in South Carolina for the Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign. Joyce has managed staff & programs for email campaigns, broadcast & peer to peer texting, event building, website content, paid media, online communities, and social media content. Joyce has over 10 years active experience in local & state Democratic parties. Her experience includes 5 presidential and 2 gubernatorial campaign cycles in addition to digital she has experience with data, event organizing, web design, and high-donor supporter management. Joyce is also a published poet.