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Sample Canvassing Fundamentals Handout


This is a part of NDTC’s Canvassing Toolkit, which has sample documents that can be edited and adapted to a campaign. Add a shortcut to this toolkit to your Google Drive, or download all of these documents from the toolkit folder itself. 

Volunteers will likely have questions as they canvass (especially if it’s their first time) so we created this Canvassing Fundamentals handout to answer some of the basics. 

We’ve also included a space for key talking points on the back side of the page — fill this out with information on the candidate. Give this type of at-a-glance info to volunteers if there is no campaign literature for them to reference yet, or if there are important details volunteers should know that aren’t represented in campaign literature. Just don’t include too much — don’t rundown every policy or an entire personal history.To learn more about Field tactics for voter contact and the contents of the Canvassing Toolkit, check out our Field Tactics course.



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