Field Tactics - National Democratic Training Committee

Field Tactics

By Pavitra Abraham
75 min

What You’ll Learn

  • How to have a conversation with voters at their doors and over the phone
  • Best practices for training volunteers to canvass, phone bank, and text bank
  • How to best incorporate canvassing, phone banking, and text banking into your broader Field plan
  • How to handle canvass, phone bank, and text bank management
  • How to prepare a Persuasion script for contacting voters

Why This is Important

Talking to voters one-on-one is one of the best tools you have to persuade them to support you, so you have to make sure you’re doing it right! In this course you’ll learn tried and true tactics to greatly improve voter contact efforts.

Key Resources

  • Weekly & Daily Goals Worksheet Template and Sample – Persuasion
  • Daily Goals Worksheet Template and Sample – GOTV
  • Toolkits for Canvassing, Phone Banking, and Text Banking
  • Volunteer Tracker: Sample and Template
  • Aisha Iqbal’s:
    • Canvass Training Agenda
    • Annotated Walk List for Canvassing
    • Annotated Persuasion Script for Canvassing
    • Phone Bank Training Agenda
    • Annotated Call List for Phone Banking
    • Annotated Persuasion Script for Phone Banking
    • Text Bank Training Agenda
    • Field Plan

Related Trainings

  • Intro to Volunteer Recruitment and Management — Take this course to learn how to recruit, manage, and escalate volunteers who are going to be canvassing, texting, and phone banking
  • Writing Voter Contact Scripts — Scripts are key to voter contact. By scripting the language volunteers use on the doors and phones, your campaign can guarantee they’re having a high quantity of high quality conversations
  • Texting for Campaigns — Learn more about using a texting program for your campaign. In this course we go over the benefits of texting, help with the selection of the best type of program, and teach you how to execute an effective texting strategy and win

Pavitra Abraham


A proud Michigan native, Pavitra got her start on campaigns as an Organizer with President Obama's re-election campaign in Ann Arbor, MI. Since then she has worked on campaigns across the country at the state, local, and presidential levels. She is currently the Constituency Organizing Director and Midwest Regional Field Director at the DCCC. Before that, she served as Kamala Harris' New Hampshire Organizing Director after working at NDTC for 2 years! Prior to NDTC, Pavitra was Training Director on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign where she first fell in love with training.

When she's not campaign, Pavitra loves live music, relentlessly cheering on Michigan football (even when we're losing), and all things Bravo!