Grow Your Political Career Through Networking - National Democratic Training Committee Grow Your Democratic Political Career Through Networking

Grow Your Political Career Through Networking

By Jan Gaetjens
45 min
Getting Started

What You’ll Learn

  • Identify ways to grow your professional network
  • Identify opportunities to engage your progressive professional network online
  • Practice strategies for successful informational interviewing

Why This is Important

To do meaningful work and advance the progressive causes you care about, you have to get a foot in the door. In this course, we’ll explore one of the most critical, but undervalued, aspects of successful career development — building and activating your professional network.

Key Resources

  • Guide to Progressive Job Searches
  • Informational Interview Questions Worth Asking Handout

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Jan Gaetjens


Jan is an Instructional Designer at NDTC, where he is responsible for creating our online and in-person learning experiences. After nearly a decade working in secondary and higher education, Jan joined NDTC to apply his love of teaching and learning to help democratize access to political power. Jan earned his BA in Sociology from Georgetown University and an MEd in Counseling from DePaul University, where he is pursuing his PhD in Curriculum Studies. In his free time Jan loves jiu jitsu, live music, and finding excuses to avoid working on his dissertation.