NGP Fundamentals: Navigation and Contact Management - National Democratic Training Committee

NGP Fundamentals: Navigation and Contact Management

By Donald Riddle
30 min
Data Management

What You’ll Learn

  • How to gain access to NGP
  • How to navigate NGP and identify its different features
  • How to set up NGP to support a campaign or organization
  • How to upload and effectively organize contacts in NGP

Why This is Important

NGP is an important digital and fundraising tool to maximize the performance of progressive campaigns and organizations. No matter your role — whether full-time, part-time, volunteer or intern — it’s likely the campaign will use NGP to interact with supporters and ultimately raise money. This course explains what NGP is, how it can be used, and best practices for setting it up.

Key Resources

  • NDTC NGP Reference Guide
  • Bulk Upload Spreadsheet Template
  • NGP Help Center

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