NGP 8 Fundamentals: Navigation and Contact Management - National Democratic Training Committee

NGP 8 Fundamentals: Navigation and Contact Management

By Anastasia Apa
30 min
Data Management

What You’ll Learn

  • Gain access to NGP 8
  • Understand the uses of NGP 8 as a Democratic Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Efficiently navigate around NGP 8 using its home page and principal menu options
  • Upload and effectively organize new contacts through tools like activist codes

Why This is Important

NGP 8 is an important fundraising and organizing tool that can maximize a campaign’s operations and fundraising ability. No matter the role, if you work on a campaign full-time, part-time, or even as a volunteer or intern, it’s likely that you will eventually use NGP 8. Whether sending a first-time fundraising email, managing call time, organizing an event, or sending thank-you notes, NGP 8 can organize, manage, and plan many campaign initiatives. 

Key Resources

  • NGP 8 Reference Guide — A cheat sheet for all the NGP functionalities covered by our courses. 

Related Trainings

  • NGP 8 Fundraising: Donors, Pledges, and ContributionsLearn how to use NGP 8 to store valuable donor information, record incoming pledges and contributions, and manage call time. 
  • VoteBuilder 101 — Introduces you to the basic functions of VoteBuilder, the NGP VAN software that Democratic campaigns across the country use to organize their voter contact network.
  • Using VoteBuilder for Data Management — Data maintenance is critical to sustaining a campaign or local organization. This course covers using VoteBuilder to track and manage internal data, identify and engage new members, recruit volunteers, and escalate supporters’ involvement.
  • Using MiniVAN for Canvassing — Having face-to-face conversations is the most effective way to turn out voters, but classic, paper-packet canvassing requires a lot of resources. This course covers how to use MiniVAN for canvassing to improve the experience of canvassers while also saving valuable time and money.

Anastasia Apa


Anastasia Apa runs ApaFirm, inc., which provides progressive political organizations and non-profits with management and fundraising consulting services. Her favorite things to do are problem solve, plan and organize. In 2002, she managed her first political campaign and quickly realized that if there was no money, there was nothing to manage, so she focused on fundraising. Since, she has traveled the country, managing political campaigns and raising money while building a fundraising system based on what she’s learned over the last 17 years, 38 states, and $50,000,000 raised.

Apa, as she is called, has worked no “easy races”, always opting for the chance to do what folks say cannot be done, and specializes in raising money in tough-to-win races, Republican-stronghold districts, and with first-time candidates or elected officials who had not had to raise much money in past elections. Apa’s strengths are fundraising, management, and operations.