NGP Fundraising: Donors, Pledges, and Contributions - National Democratic Training Committee

NGP Fundraising: Donors, Pledges, and Contributions

By Donald Riddle
35 min
Data Management

What You’ll Learn

  • How to use NGP to support a campaign or organization’s fundraising efforts
  • How to store donor research in NGP to make more effective fundraising asks
  • How to use NGP’s call time tools efficiently and effectively
  • How to track fundraising performance using the NGP Report Manager

Why This is Important

NGP is a powerful tool that supports the fundraising activities of local campaigns and organizations. From storing valuable donor information, to processing contributions online, to facilitating quick and efficient call times, knowing how to utilize NGP’s fundraising features greatly increases the effectiveness of a fundraising program.

Key Resources

  • NDTC NGP Reference Guide
  • NGP Help Center

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