Preparing for Successful Interviews and Political Job Offers - National Democratic Training Committee Prepare for Successful Interviews and Political Job Offers

Preparing for Successful Interviews and Political Job Offers

By Ashley Arnold
45 min
Getting Started

What You’ll Learn

  • Prepare to interview with confidence for paid roles on Democratic campaigns and in progressive organizations
  • Practice formulating thoughtful responses to common political job interview questions
  • Apply a research-driven approach to job offer negotiations

Why This is Important

Interviews can provoke anxiety among job-seekers, and the process of negotiating a salary is unfamiliar to many. This course will get you comfortable with what to expect from political job interviews and offer tips for negotiating fair compensation.

Key Resources

  • Campaign Staff Interview Questions Guide
  • Campaign Roles and Responsibilities Guide
  • Campaign Job Descriptions Guide
  • Sample Interview Follow Up Email
  • Job Search Organizer with Offer Comparison Tool

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Ashley Arnold


Ashley (she/her) joins the team as Director of Training Curriculum. Previously, she served as Deputy National Training Director on Joe Biden's campaign for President and before that was Ohio's Training Director on Elizabeth Warren's primary campaign. Ashley has created and facilitated trainings for Crooked Media, Arena, Obama Foundation Summit, and the 2020 Democratic National Convention. She came to campaign work after serving as Learning Design Analyst at the Obama Foundation, where she helped to build the Community Leadership Corp, a program for 18-25 year olds interested in being community organizers. Hailing from the Carolinas, Ashley holds a Masters in Public Policy from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in English & Political Science from Marshall University. When she isn't working hard to build Democratic power, she is either baking or running- two activities that often cancel each other out.