VoteBuilder for Field Directors - National Democratic Training Committee VoteBuilder for Field Directors

VoteBuilder for Field Directors

By Peter Dougherty
60 min
Data Management

What You’ll Learn

  • Utilize the tools available in VoteBuilder to target the right voters
  • Manage interactions with potential volunteers and escalate their involvement with your campaign
  • Explain best practices for managing VoteBuilder data as a full campaign team

Why This is Important

As the Field Director of a campaign, you need to know how to use VoteBuilder. This software is the number one progrssive organizing tool in the country, and it can help you execute key campaign tasks including: building voter universes, recruiting volunteers, and organizing canvasses. To maximize efficiency, familiarize yourself with VoteBuilder’s features and how to strategically leverage them to meet your campaign’s goals.

Key Resources

  • Field Plan Template
  • VoteBuilder 101 User Guide
  • Progress to Goal Report Template

Related Trainings

  • VoteBuilder 101 — Our VoteBuilder 101 course offers an interactive walkthrough of the VoteBuilder software and how to use it to support a campaign’s direct voter contact efforts
  • Targeting Voters — This course helps calculate your persuasion universe size and identify the specific groups of voters your volunteers will talk to
  • Intro to Volunteer Recruitment and Management — Volunteers are a cornerstone of successful campaigns. In this course, you will identify where to find volunteers and how to develop them into leaders who carry the campaign to victory
  • Using VoteBuilder for Data Management — Data maintenance is a critical part of sustaining a campaign or local organization. This course covers using VoteBuilder to track and manage internal data, identify and engage new members, recruit volunteers, and escalate your supporters’ involvement

Peter Dougherty


Peter Dougherty is a campaign operative with almost a decade of experience working to support Democratic candidates. Most recently, Peter served as the Deputy Coordinated and Voter Contact Director for President Joe Biden’s successful campaign in Pennsylvania, leading one of the largest organizing programs in the country. Peter was the New Hampshire Organizing Director for Joe Biden’s primary campaign and went on to oversee the Biden team’s organizing program in the Florida primary, where Biden won every county and city in the state. Peter spent half a decade overseeing field programs and managing campaigns on congressional campaigns and local races. Afterwards, Peter worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as their Southern Regional Field Director and oversaw the historic flip of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. Peter has worked on or helped oversee campaigns in 17 different states and supports campaigns at every level.