Member Recruitment and Retention for Local Democratic Parties | National Democratic Training Committee

Member Recruitment and Retention for Local Democratic Parties

By Allyson Raines
90 min

What You’ll Learn

  • How to develop member recruitment and retention plans
  • How to set and monitor membership goals
  • How to escalate members into leadership
  • How to use strategic partnerships to meet membership goals

Why This is Important

Your organization is only as strong as the people who make up its membership. To build a sustainable progressive ecosystem in your community, you’ll need a plan for recruiting, retaining, and empowering the people who will drive the success of your organization.


  • Local Power Mapping Template
  • Local Party Member Roles and Responsibilities Handout
  • Local Party Field Plan Template

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Allyson Raines


Allyson joined NDTC in 2019 after eight years with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. In her most recent role as a Regional Campaign Director, she transformed the PPAF electoral model to drastically expand the role of grassroots members by deeply training and coaching operatives to cultivate leaders in every aspect of campaigns. She believes that organizing and electoral campaigns are transformational experiences and focuses her work on developing staff who center that approach. Allyson has managed electoral campaigns on a county and statewide level in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio. She started her career as a professional organizer in Detroit, MI with the Harriet Tubman Center for Community Organizing. Allyson holds a BA in Sociology focused on Gender and Sexuality and Civic Engagement from the University of Michigan. She lives in Chicago with her family Michael, Emmett, and Elliot and their loving pup Reggie.