NGP 8 Digital: Email Engagement - National Democratic Training Committee

NGP 8 Digital: Email Engagement

By Anastasia Apa
40 min
Data Management

What You’ll Learn

  • Strategically segment groups of contacts into targeted email lists
  • Create consistent and effective emails using NGP’s drag-and-drop email editing tool 
  • Utilize the Report Manager to monitor the performance of emails and make strategic decisions accordingly

Why This is Important

Email is a great tool for a campaign to recruit volunteers and raise money. Along with a website, email is the digital medium a campaign has the most control over. If you’re responsible for your team’s email program, you’ll spend a lot of time using NGP 8 to build, schedule, and send emails.

Key Resources

  • NGP 8 Reference Guide — A cheat sheet for all the NGP functionalities covered by our course series

Related Trainings

  • Understanding Email StrategyWhile this course teaches how to use NGP 8 to send emails, our Understanding Email Strategy course walks through the tips and best practices for actually writing emails.

Anastasia Apa


Anastasia Apa runs ApaFirm, inc., which provides progressive political organizations and non-profits with management and fundraising consulting services. Her favorite things to do are problem solve, plan and organize. In 2002, she managed her first political campaign and quickly realized that if there was no money, there was nothing to manage, so she focused on fundraising. Since, she has traveled the country, managing political campaigns and raising money while building a fundraising system based on what she’s learned over the last 17 years, 38 states, and $50,000,000 raised.

Apa, as she is called, has worked no “easy races”, always opting for the chance to do what folks say cannot be done, and specializes in raising money in tough-to-win races, Republican-stronghold districts, and with first-time candidates or elected officials who had not had to raise much money in past elections. Apa’s strengths are fundraising, management, and operations.