Spreadsheets 101

By Donald Riddle
60–90 min

What You’ll Learn

  • How to apply formatting to make your Google Sheets look professional
  • How to limit your Google Sheet to only see the data you’re interested in
  • How to perform quick and precise calculations in order to answer some key campaign questions
  • How to create dashboards in your workbook that will allow you to easily summarize and analyze your data

Why This is Important

Most campaigns use spreadsheets to manage some of their data — from keeping track of campaign contacts and donations to documenting and analyzing social media and email data. That’s a lot of data, and whether you have to organize it, summarize it, or analyze it, you’ll want to be efficient and precise. Investing the time to become a spreadsheet wizard will save you countless hours, and it’s guaranteed to be more accurate than something done by hand.

Key Resources

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  • Managing Fundraising Data — Not sure whether you’ll use a database or spreadsheets to manage your fundraising data? This course will help you decide, and then get you started

Donald Riddle


A member of Brown University’s class of 2020, Donald is a Bachelor’s with Honors candidate for Political Science and Sociology. Throughout his time at school, Donald has served as a Social Justice Peer Educator, where he was trained on effective curriculum design, public speaking, workshops facilitation, and creating space for stimulating, justice-oriented dialogue. Donald is also an active member of Brown’s theatre department, and has served as a board member of one of the university’s longest running student theatre groups, Production Workshop. Outside of Brown, Donald has spent more than three years working with the global tutoring and education company Crimson Education, where he has overseen curriculum implementation, conducted training programs for new company team members, and managed tutors and students across four separate continents. Donald then joined the National Democratic Training Committee as an Online Training intern in the summer of 2019, and remained with the organization as a remote contractor following his return to Brown.