Using VoteBuilder for Data Management - National Democratic Training Committee

Using VoteBuilder for Data Management

By Alycia Albergottie
50 min
Data Management

What You’ll Learn

  • Recognize the role VoteBuilder plays in sustaining your campaign or organization
  • Determine which organizational and membership metrics to track
  • Create systems within VoteBuilder to efficiently track key metrics

Why This is Important

The most successful campaigns are data-driven and use data to plan, track, and adapt their campaign strategy. This is why it’s vital to have accurate information and consistent data records on all aspects of your campaign – from recruiting volunteers and engaging supporters to fundraising. VoteBuilder, the predominant organizing software used by progressive campaigns and organizations, allows you to easily track important metrics and promote your organization’s overall growth all in one place.

Key Resources

  • VoteBuilder 101 User Guide
  • Bulk Upload Spreadsheet Template
  • Sample Phone Bank Script: Volunteer Recruitment

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Alycia Albergottie


Alycia Albergottie is a native of Columbia, South Carolina. She is passionate about being a change agent in her community and has managed several political campaigns from national, statewide, regional, and city-wide races over the past 10 years. Some career highlights include being the South Carolina State Director for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Primary campaign in 2019–2020, State Director for the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign in South Carolina in 2016 and working for Obama for America in 2012. Additionally, she was the Richland County Democratic Party Chair and served as a 2016 SC Delegate at the Democratic National Convention. In addition to political campaigns, her experiences range from work in academia as a research professional at the University of South Carolina to nonprofit work with the South Carolina Association of Community Action Partnerships.