Creating a Crisis Response Plan for Your Political Campaign - National Democratic Training Committee

Creating a Crisis Response Plan for Your Political Campaign

By Morgan Harris
45 min
Messaging & Communications

What You’ll Learn

  • Determine what constitutes a crisis
  • How to apply a rapid or crisis response in different campaign scenarios
  • How to draft a crisis response plan

Why This is Important

Breaking news, crisis, and changing developments can quickly shift the narrative of your campaign for better or for worse. Sometimes a crisis will happen when you least expect it, and other times you can see it coming from miles away. Your team must be prepared to keep in front of the crisis and have a rapid crisis response process in place.

Key Resources

  • Crisis and Rapid Response Worksheet
  • Crisis and Rapid Response Flowchart
  • Sample Rapid Response Plan

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Morgan Harris


Morgan Harris is founder and managing partner of Acacia Consulting Group. He has served as a communications consultant for campaigns of all sizes, including gubernatorial, congressional, state legislature, mayoral, and city council races. An expert in message strategy and delivery, he has more than 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing, handling clients including Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, IFC Films, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, IFC Films, and Cirque du Soleil. Morgan lives in Chicago with his cats and his Netflix account.