Digital Fundraising - National Democratic Training Committee

Digital Fundraising

By Ruby Sarron
60 min

What You’ll Learn

  • What motivates people to donate via email and social media
  • How to write email subject lines that get people to open your email
  • What types of questions you can answer through A/B testing
  • How to write a fundraising email that gets people to contribute

Why This is Important

You can substantially increase the number of donors to your campaign and raise vital small-dollar contributions over email. Invest in writing strong fundraising emails and it will literally pay off!

Key Resources

  • Prepping to Create Your Fundraising Email Worksheet
  • Fundraising Email Checklist

Related Trainings

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Ruby Sarron


Ruby is the Training Director at ActBlue.

Since 2016, Ruby has been working to train the progressive movement. From the Clinton campaign to EMILY's list to ActBlue, Ruby has worked with candidates, nonprofits, and movement leaders, teaching them the skills they need to run for office, work on campaigns, and build sustainable growth. Ruby is an experienced trainer and political outreach manager with a demonstrated history of working in the civic and nonprofit space to build coalitions, create holistic curriculum and train rooms of progressive activists, future campaign staff and candidates who are ready to make a difference.