Fundraising for Your Local Democratic Party's Future - National Democratic Training Committee

Fundraising for Your Local Democratic Party's Future

By Jennifer Williams
90 min

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set and monitor effective fundraising goals
  • How to identify and engage potential donors
  • How to most efficiently organize donor data
  • How to prepare yourself and your team to make effective hard asks
  • How to build systems that encourage recurring donation

Why This is Important

From paying for office space to printing ballot guides, organizing costs money. That money isn’t going to drop out of the sky; you’re going to need to work for it! In this course, you’ll learn how to set and achieve the fundraising goals your organization depends on to keep advocating for the issues and candidates that matter most to your community.


  • Local Leader Fundraising Plan Template
  • Pledge and Contribution Trackers
  • Donor Rolodex Template
  • Guide to Organization-Hosted Digital Fundraising Events

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Jennifer Williams


A proud Colorado native, Jennifer comes to the NDTC having worked on 25 campaigns and counting at every level of government. Since Jennifer found her love of community organizing volunteering on the 2012 Obama campaign in Fort Collins, Colorado, she can’t stop and won’t stop organizing.

Jennifer is currently serving her second term as the Vice Chair of the Larimer County Democratic Party. In that role, she trains their local candidates to run for office and manages the county’s field program. Larimer County is the only county party in Colorado that pays young people to knock on doors and make phone calls to help elect Democrats in their swing county. Jennifer thrives in training the next generation of community organizers. She is especially passionate about electing more women and people of color to office.

When Jennifer isn’t knocking on doors to remind people to vote, she enjoys unwinding with a Colorado craft beer while watching any show with a woman serving as President.