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Create Democratic Infrastructure

As a local leader you need quick resources and practical training that will help you grow, organize, and have year-round impact. We offer instrumental training in organizing, budgeting, and digital strategy. You’ll find a wealth of information through our in-person and online trainings.

What Local Leaders Have to Say

NDTC trains local party leaders on the tools necessary to develop the infrastructure that is crucial to win in the next decade and beyond.

In a state as large as Texas, these online training modules can help to ensure anyone eager to participate in campaigns has access to information to help them build their skills and capacity.
Crystal Perkins Former Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party
As a Chairman, I learned a lot. Being better prepared to answer potential candidates’ questions and to help established officeholders to update their efforts is a key part of a winning strategy. The training was interactive and interesting and all questions were fielded without belittling anyone. I highly recommend that you attend.
John Willard Chair of the Kankakee, Illinois Democratic Party
I live in a community that went 80% for Donald Trump, so saying we have an uphill battle is an understatement! The training from NDTC has helped us to approach the race strategically and feel like we had the tools to be successful.
Crysta Parkinson Former Candidate for North Dakota House of Representatives, District 1

The Information You Need to Win

Whether you want the tools and insight needed to impact local politics or you’re looking to fill in knowledge gaps, the NDTC Online Academy has a training for you. Our in-depth and comprehensive trainings prepare you with the skills to raise money, communicate your message, build a digital strategy to connect with voters online, and be an effective and inclusive leader.

We’re hard at work creating online trainings just for you. But many of our trainings for campaign staffers will also help you take your local Democratic organization to the next level and our 30+ courses provide you with the tools needed to succeed.

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How many votes does it take to win? Where will these votes come from and how will you find them? To answer these questions, you’ll learn how to build modern field plans focused on winning.

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Supporters connect with your message through communications. Learn how to craft a compelling message, share it in a way that resonates with supporters, and work with the media.

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Management and Leadership

The skills that set you apart are the ones no one teaches you on the job. Learn to create an inclusive, positive team culture, set SMART goals for yourself, and hold yourself and your colleagues accountable.

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Raising money is a make or break requirement for every campaign. Learn how to prepare for call time, throw a successful fundraising event, and earn support from PACs and labor unions.

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Digital Strategy

Your campaign has to be where your voters are: online. Learn how to build your website, effectively use social media to share your message and connect with constituents, and move your supporters to action via email.