Mariah Gould - National Democratic Training Committee
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Mariah Gould

Mariah Gould is a campaign professional with 8 years of experience in organizing, management, training, voter protection, and program development. She began her career as an organizer in Virginia during both the 2016 election and the gubernatorial race in 2017. During the 2018 midterms, she was the Regional Organizing Director in southwest Pennsylvania. Soon after, she joined the Kamala Harris Campaign in Iowa as a Regional Organizing Director for southeast Iowa. In 2020, she was the Training Director for the Arizona Democratic Party helping to elect Joe Biden and Arizona Democrats. In 2021, she was the Coordinated Campaign Director for Nassau County in New York. Most recently, she was the Voter Protection Director for the Arizona Democratic Party. People call upon her when they are looking for a creative program builder and dedicated manager for employee support and growth. She lives by the motto that you must — think creatively, work cohesively, and organize passionately.