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Each year, the National Democratic Training Committee takes pride in celebrating its learners. These individuals decided to step up and further progressive values in their community. Some learners ran for office. Others worked on a campaign or worked for their state party. However they supported Democrats in the midterm election, we thank them. It’s because of them that the strength of our democracy remains.

Our mission is to train Democrats to run for office and win by providing them with the tools and strategies they need to be successful. The work also sets up new and diverse candidates, campaign staff, and local leaders to join the fight, contest the uncontested, and challenge red districts. This year’s results show candidates doing just that.

In the 2022 midterm election, over 950 candidates who used our trainings ran for office up and down ballots across the nation. Over 60% of these candidates ran in red districts. And, over 370 won their race. Please see our general election tracker below to look at our wins across all 50 states!

We’re building and securing the future of the Democratic Party by training at every level of government. While some may consider 2023 an off year, our aim is to double down on training Democrats at every level, including the over 23,000 school board seats up for election. Together, we’ll work to ensure we have more wins to celebrate at the end of next year. Our best work is ahead of us.

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