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Regardless of background or talents, you can find a rewarding career in Democratic politics. Now more than ever, campaigns need committed and passionate people. With this in mind, here are some resources and quick tips for finding a political campaign job.

Find the Right Political Campaign Job for You

When starting a job search, plan ahead. Ask yourself questions such as: 

  • Where are you willing/unwilling to relocate?
  • What are your preferences regarding remote work?
  • What do you value most in an organization’s culture?
  • What’s your ideal work/life balance?
  • Which values are important for you to have in common with a candidate, office-holder, or cause for whom you’d like to work?
  • What type of compensation do you need to support your lifestyle and feel valued?
  • What are your non-negotiables? Is there something that would automatically make you deny a job offer?

Identifying preferred places of work, leadership styles, organizational cultures, as well as causes you care about is key. While the perfect job might be hard to locate, finding a political campaign job that aligns with one’s values and career goals is achievable. Prioritize what criteria is most important and keep an open mind about all opportunities. 

Make Connections

In many industries, “who you know” can be just as important as “what you know.” This is certainly true in politics. Many political organizations rely on connections to identify qualified individuals. 

In addition, don’t wait until you need a job to make connections. The professional networking process should be consistent, continuous, and strategic. Individuals who work at your preferred organizations will likely know folks across the industry. If you’re consistent with communication, your name might come up when positions become available. 

Tailor Your Resume 

Tailoring your resume to different positions is crucial to a job search. Always highlight the skills, experience, and other attributes that align with the job posting. 

Several studies estimate the average time an employer reviews a resume is roughly seven seconds. Therefore, your resume must be concise. Show not only what you did, but what tangible impact you made in previous positions. Results are important in work, however, they’re just as important in the hiring process. 

NDTC has a course on finding a job in Democratic politics. It discusses resumes and networking, as well as the other components of the application process like cover letters. 

Take the course and gain a comprehensive understanding of all materials that may be requested for consideration. 

Apply, Apply, Apply

NDTC’s Chief of Staff, Allyson Raines, recommends applying to anything you can find when first starting out.  Being picky can be difficult early in a career. As a result, it’s crucial to be open to potential opportunities.

“Honestly, a good way to think about searching for a campaign job is treating it like an internship hunt for a college student. Basically, apply to absolutely anything you can find related to political campaigns. Send your résumé everywhere and see if something sticks.”

Believe In Yourself

Many job seekers don’t apply to jobs because the description asks for skills they don’t have yet. Don’t let this be an obstacle.

If you need inspiration, NDTC staff members Jaime Swank and Chris Pearcey have both gone through this before. Read their stories, and learn from their journeys. 

Potential Political Employers

If you need certain skills in the political area, NDTC can help! Our Staff Academy recruits those who are looking to launch their career in Democratic politics. In addition, our Online Academy is available 24/7, with on-demand courses to get you the skills you’ll need when finding campaign jobs. 

Where To Find Political Campaign Jobs

The following organizations elect Democratic officials at the local, state, and federal levels of government. They offer a variety of positions within their organizations and can also connect you to races all over the country.

DNC – Democratic National Committee
DSCC – Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
DCCC – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
DLCC – Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
Association of State Democratic Parties
DAGA – Democratic Attorneys General Association

Other Democratic organizations to monitor for Jobs: 

Democratic Governors Association
Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association
House Majority PAC

In order to understand the various levels of government and to learn more about these organizations, take NDTC’s course, Understanding the Democratic Party. 

Other Campaign Job Posting Platforms

Data analysis, fundraising, and communications are all crucial roles on a campaign. As a result, if you are searching for campaign jobs that match your talents and expertise, these job sites can help:

Job Postings / General Progressive

Democratic GAIN
Jobs that are Left
Nonprofit Opportunities
Work for Good

NDTC Organizational Partners: Explore open opportunities with our partners by visiting their websites. In order to expand your search, check out who our partners are collaborating with!

Where else can you look? We have a Progressive Job Search Handout that lists specialized job boards throughout the field. Click here for access! 

Launching Your Political Career?

You might also be interested in the NDTC Staff Academy.

It’s an intensive ten-week training program which provides the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to jumpstart your career as a Democratic campaign staffer.

Anyone can apply for this free program! All we ask is that you are passionate about Democratic politics and commit to finding a paid political campaign job upon completion of the program.

Read about the experiences of alumni here!

NDTC Staff Academy prioritizes the recruitment of leaders who are women, people of color, and trans/transgender and non-binary.

Sign up here to learn more!

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