Creating Campaign Content - National Democratic Training Committee

Creating Campaign Content

By Emily Gittleman
30 mins

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify key aspects of effective digital content
  • Types of digital media and how to use them to reach your universe
  • How to define the voice of a candidate
  • Techniques to use when speaking in the voice of a candidate

Why This is Important

Creating effective content will allow you to grab and hold the attention of people who may vote for, or donate to, your candidate.

Key Resources

  • Candidate Voice Rubric

Related Trainings

  • Creating Calls to Action — The goal of campaign content is to facilitate communication between the candidate and their audience. Once you know how to write good content, it is time to use it to ask the audience to help your campaign

Emily Gittleman


Emily Gittleman currently serves as Digital Director for Michael Bennet on his re-election campaign to help hold onto our Senate majority. Previously, Emily joined 50+1 in February of 2016 as a fundraiser, helping local and state level candidates like City College Trustee Alex Randolph and State Assembly member David Chiu fundraise for their successful re-election campaigns.

Following the 2016 election, Emily transitioned from fundraising into the world of digital and spent the ensuing months building out 50+1's brand new digital shop. Emily led all digital strategy for 50+1 candidates, campaigns, and special projects, including (but not limited to) content creation, email campaigns, digital advertising, social media strategy, and analytics.

Emily graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Photography. In her spare time, she enjoys biking around the city, hiking with her friends, taking cool pictures, re-watching episodes of The West Wing, and convincing her friends and Lyft drivers to take a more active interest in politics.