Digital Campaigning: Your Audience - National Democratic Training Committee

Digital Campaigning: Your Audience

By Jess Morales Rocketto
30 min

Course Outline

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify your campaign audience
  • How to create a digital content calendar

Why This Is Important

Writing good content is important, and the strategy behind when you send it and who you send it to is twice as important! By identifying your campaign audience and building a deliberate strategy for reaching out to them, you can ensure you’re contacting the right people at the right time.


  • Your Audience Worksheet
  • Aisha Iqbal Audience Worksheet Sample
  • Content Building Template
  • Content Calendar Template

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Jess Morales Rocketto


Jess Morales Rocketto was the Digital Organizing Director for the Hillary for America campaign in 2016. After the presidential campaign, Jess founded her consulting group COVEN. She has experience helping Democrats and progressive causes use digital to achieve their goals—from the AFL-CIO to the Obama 2012 presidential campaign to the National Domestic Workers Alliance to Rebuild the Dream.